Thursday, June 18, 2009

We're (almost!) all on Facebook

Facebook has turned out to be a much more convinient way for us all to stay in touch and ALOT of the Bacon Family are on!
We'll leave this blog out here for other blog links on the sidebar!
We'd love to catch up with YOU!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Wedding Pics

The Wesley Center turned out so beautiful.

Can't believe I am actually MRS. BRIGHT!!

What a beautiful bride!

Forever and Always

I'm new at this too - but thought I would try and add some wedding pics for Sarah since she started! It was a gorgeous wedding and they make such a handsome couple!!

My Wedding Pics

Hi all---
Just going to let you know if you want to see some of my wedding pics you can log onto and go to the photos link. Once your there you will have to type in an e-mail address and its and the password is wedding08. Amy Goins took these for me... it's pretty cool too on that site you can go to "projects" and see a book that I've put some pictures in- like a scrap book only I don't have to cut anything out I can just point and click! I has some of my thoughts from my wedding day--- Anyway-- its crazy to think it was already two and a half months ago but such is life- Life is good.. just busy and fast. There is another website with the pics the main photographers pictures but I don't know where that one is. Waiting on my sister-in-law to call and tell me how to get there... Once I know I will post that one too! This is my handsome husband for those of you who may not recognize and then of course all my beautiful nieces. These girls were GORGEOUS! And they helped Aunt Sarah so much... Enjoy!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Message from Dea Anne

I have updated the photos on my web site.The new photos are all Seth's four kidos.
Love, Dea Anne

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bacon Reunion 2008

Below are a few pictures from the Bacon Reunion, June 7th. I'm sure some of you who were able to attend have more and we would love to see them!
All the brothers & sisters that were present.
(L-R) Vasti, Lavonna, Donna, Martha, Vearl, John (and wife Melanie).
Beautiful Aunt Martha!


Luke, Uncle John, Don, Darrin, Deanna

Setting up for lunch.

Pile-up! Caleb (Aunt Mary's son) Kinsey & Caden (Monte's kids)

Gabe and Siah (Tyra's boys)


Willow (holding son Thatcher) , DeAnna, Aunt Melanie

Visiting after lunch: Monte, Deanna, Don, Andrew

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bacon Family Blog

I am setting up this blog to help the Bacon Family stay in touch! It is definitely a work in progress, so if you have suggestions, please let me know! Or if you do not like the idea, I'd like to know that too!
I am pretty nostalgic about those white Christmas' at the big farm house. I miss them! :) Our family has gotten so big that it is almost impossible to stay in touch. I hope this will help a little. There are so many of the cousins children that I have never seen. I would love to get pictures of everyone on here.
I hope that eventually everyone will take the time once a month or so to post updates on their families. Special events, births, weddings, graduations, vacation pictures...whatever you like!!
I will be sending an email out as soon as I can collect email address on everyone (at least the 10 brothers and sisters). You can email those to
Just wanted to get some information out here, in case someone happens to run across this before I can get the email out!
Love ~ Natalie